Syntactic Atlas of Welsh Dialects

School roadsignThe Syntactic Atlas of Welsh Dialects is a project, conducted jointly by David Willis (Cambridge), Maggie Tallerman (Newcastle) and Bob Borsley (Essex), to establish the extent of variation in the syntax of present-day Welsh, including age-related variation and variation due to linguistic background, as well as geographical variation. Specifically, its aims are:

  • to establish the distribution of major syntactic variants in Welsh using a systematic methodology
  • to establish patterns of change via age-related variation
  • to examine the effects of language revitalisation on the syntax of Welsh
  • to provide material for further analysis of Welsh syntax in any framework
  • to provide a repository of material available for researchers and the general public interested in any kind of variation within the Welsh language as spoken today

A pilot project to test the effectiveness of the basic methodology (partly funded by the British Academy) was conducted from 2010 to 2013.